How to Beat Procrastination

Does that sound familiar? You know you should be doing something important, something that benefits your life or helps you avoid a lot of trouble in the future. Maybe this task is difficult, but you know you could get it done if you would just focus on it for a while. But instead you spend … Read moreHow to Beat Procrastination

6 Reasons to Learn Coding Now

“Everybody in this country should learn how to program a computer, because it teaches you how to think.” This famous quote by Steve Jobs has a lot of truth to it. Coding certainly improves your ability to think logically and make more rational decisions. But nowadays you could also say: “Everybody in this country world should … Read more6 Reasons to Learn Coding Now

How to Stay Healthy as a Programmer

Health and fitness are not the most interesting topics for someone looking for programming tips and code examples, but nevertheless we have to keep our body and mind in check if we want to stay sharp and productive. Because besides adding years to our life, healthy habits also let us have more energy and focus … Read moreHow to Stay Healthy as a Programmer

5 Tips That Will Help You Find That Bug

Programming can be quite a roller coaster. There will be times when everything goes well, the code flows out of your fingertips and compiles and runs how it’s supposed to. But there will inevitably also be situations where your program just doesn’t do what you want it to do and the error seems impossible to … Read more5 Tips That Will Help You Find That Bug

9 Simple App Ideas to Learn Android Programming (With Tutorials)

The best way to learn programming is by getting your hands dirty and writing actual code. Reading programming books or watching courses is fine, but they become pretty useless if you don’t practice what you’re learning. If you ever tried to read a book about coding without actually trying it out yourself, you might have … Read more9 Simple App Ideas to Learn Android Programming (With Tutorials)

4 Productivity Tips for Programmers

We all want to be productive, because it helps us reaching our goals more quickly. We also want to be efficient, because then we have more time left for other things in life. Being efficient when working on a computer also means putting less stress on your body, by using the right tools to reduce … Read more4 Productivity Tips for Programmers

How to Learn Programming Fast

No matter if you are a beginner or already an expert, being a programmer means constant learning. Sure, when you know the essential concepts and the most important frameworks and libraries you can probably slow down a bit and enjoy the routine, but things change pretty quickly in the computer world and even completely new programming … Read moreHow to Learn Programming Fast

How to Get a Job as a Programmer

Some of my viewers are computer science students and some are self taught like me. I studied business economics and found my passion for programming later in life. I try to be very transparent about the fact that I am not an advanced developer, but rather a beginner documenting his learning process. I haven’t worked in … Read moreHow to Get a Job as a Programmer

5 Ways to Stay Motivated While Learning to Code

Motivation is a tricky topic. There were some things in my life for which I had strong burning desire in the beginning, but after a couple of weeks my motivation completely plummeted and often I even ended up hating this particular task, hobby or project. This can easily happen when you invest a lot of time … Read more5 Ways to Stay Motivated While Learning to Code

5 Tips for Beginning Programmers

A lot of my viewers are programming beginners, and I still consider myself a beginner as well. But I have already learned some things along my way, made some mistakes and observed other developers. In this blog post I want to talk about 5 tips for starting programmers that I figured out on my own … Read more5 Tips for Beginning Programmers

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