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Conding in Fl..utter: Shortcuts for AndroidStudio [ ;D ]  


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26/02/2019 5:19 pm  


I would like to add a Flutter thread [Also, I could there write a post of why]

I would like to share some simple shortcuts that help me a lot with coding in Flutter.
As all knows Flutter is basically all about widgets, and deleting and inserting one can be annoying. Then..

ALT+ ENTER to insert a new widget and delete one, and all the stuff with parenthesis will be done;

CTRL+SPACE gives all keys that a widget accepts;

SHIFT+SHIFT and you can search anything everywhere;

SHIFT+F6 reformat that variable or method name everywhere;

CTRL+ALT+L makes a perfect identation;



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26/02/2019 5:44 pm  

Thanks, I added a Flutter forum. 


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